Petting Your Cat

Petting Your Cat

While many dogs could care less where you pet them, some cats can be very picky about the process. Here are some tips on where your cat should love to get petted:

The usual suspects
Most cats like getting petted on the top of their heads, sides of their faces, and behind their ears. Most also like it when you pet in the same direction of their fur (towards the tail) on their back. Another spot they could like is right under the chin.

Belly rub?
While almost all dogs universally like the belly rub, some cats are not very fond of it and will let you know by scratching you. Only trying this once will let you know whether your cat actually likes it or not.

Be observant
To truly find out what your cat really like, observe his expressions and sounds. Sometimes the cat will even move under your hand where he wants you to pet. The general rule is that if he looks like he is enjoying it and purring, you probably found one of the “sweet spots.”