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  • UPC: 074198606559
Premium Edge Kitten Chicken, Salmon & Vegetable Formula contains high levels of chicken and fish protein for optimal growth and development. Also contains balanced Fatty acids for optimum health. Ideal for kittens and pregnant or nursing queens.

  • UPC: 074198606528
Premium Edge Adult Cat Healthy Weight, Weight Reduction & Control Formula is designed for overweight, but otherwise healthy adult cats. It contains high protein, and low carbohydrates to cause slow and steady weight loss. Added glucosamine and chondroitin to keep your cats bones and joints healthy.

  • UPC: 074198606498
Premium Edge Senior Cat Chicken, Salmon & Vegetables Hairball Management Formula is specially formulated for older cats. Contains lower fat to help maintain body weight, added glucosamine and chondroitin to help maintain healthy joints, controlled ash and magnesium for a healthy urinary tract, and a natural fiber blend to help control hairballs.

  • UPC: 074198606467
Premium Edge Finicky Adult Cat Chicken Salmon & vegetable formula contains fresh chicken and salmon for great taste, which is perfect for finicky cats. Ideal for health and maintenance of adult cats.

  • UPC: 074198606436
Premium Edge Adult Cat Chicken, Salmon & Vegetable Hairball Management Formula contains a natural fiber blend for control of hairballs. The great taste of fresh chicken and salmon provides ideal protein. Perfect for the health and maintenance of adult cats.