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  • UPC: 852009002550

For flushing, cleaning and caring for wounds and irritations to the outer ear and ear canal. Use to relieve ears affected by burning, stinging, itching, pollutants, contaminants and wound odors. Safe for use on all animal species.

Veterinarian recommended. 

  • UPC: 719195383200
A cleaned premium-grade thistle that has been sterilized to prevent germination. Attracts American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, House Finches, Cassin’s Finches, Pine Siskins and Redpolls.

  • UPC: 719195033259
A specially formulated bean and pasta mixture for all hookbills, parrots, conjures and cockatoos. Provides a soft (after cooking) diet.

  • UPC: 716432750108
  • Manufacturer: Pretty Bird International

22/10 is the ideal choice for African Greys, Eclectus and Asian Parakeets. Also excellent for Quakers, Conures, smaller species of Cockatoos, Canaries, Finches and Budgies. The first number in the title of the Handrearing denotes the protein content and the second number denotes the fat content. Handrearing should be stored in a cool, dry place, refrigerated or placed in a deep freezer. Properly stored, handrearing will remain fresh until the expiration date printed on each package. This formula is available in 5 lb. bags.

  • UPC: 716432733101
  • Manufacturer: Pretty Bird International

Designed for species that require high fat levels such as macaws, golden conures and black palm cockatoos. This food provides the high fat content required by these species with the proper vitamins and minerals to provide a balanced diet. Available in medium sized morsels with 16% protein and 10% fat.

  • UPC: 062177960402
Mixed properly, ZuPreem® Embrace Hand-Feeding Formula delivers maximum nutrition for stronger, healthier baby birds. Also good to feed to debilitated or anorexic birds and orphaned wild birds.

  • UPC: 062177422009
Fun, tropical, flower-shaped nuggets in purple, green, yellow and orange colors provide a fun eating experience for your bird. Nuggets contain bananas, apples and grapes ground from fresh fruit for a tropical fruit flavor and aroma. 2.5lb