Product Catalog

The Mountain celebrates these marvelous creatures with a bright and colorful collection of dog T-Shirts that includes our Pug Luv design--a portrait of a special pug that perfectly captures the unique characteristics of this truly luvable breed.


 Artist Dean Russo and The Mountain present a gentler side to the humble Pittie in our Pitbull Luv tee--our effort to show the innocent and loving potential of all dogs.


Aw, why the droopy face? Want a treat? Maybe a snack? Don’t give me those puppy dog eyes. Pleeeeeze, stop. Oh but you’re so cute! Okay, just one then, but you have to work for it! I’m going to ask you a question: Raise your ears once for “no” and twice to say “yes.” Here goes: Would you like to be featured on the Boxer Luv T-Shirt, presented by The Mountain and artist Dean Russo? *Wags tail and flaps ears twice.* You would!? Awesome! Okay, now—I have another question: Did you tear up my shoes last night? Hey! Where are you going? Get back here!


She is our hometown hero and in honor of her achievements, The Mountain is proud to present this colorful Boston Terrier Luv T-Shirt, designed by renowned artist Dean Russo and dedicated to all smart dogs across the world.


 Artist Dean Russo, in collaboration with The Mountain, perfectly interprets the intelligent and attentive nature of these dogs with our colorful and striking German Shepherd Luv T-shirt. Look at that face... you know your heart is melting.


Hello! I'm a Yorkie and I'm looking to be adopted! I enjoy long walks on the beach, stopping at mailboxes (I'm supposed to let other dogs know I've been there), and chasing squirrels in the woods. I'm a social character and (some say) a little overprotective, but that's just in my loving and caring nature. Thanks to The Mountain and artist Dean Russo, not only can you adopt me, but you can buy the Yorkie Luv T-Shirt from this collection of cute dog tees and help raise awareness about animal adoption. 

When they're small, they'll fit in the palm of your hand. When they're big, they'll fit comfortably on your lap. When they're well-behaved, they'll ride along in your purse. And when they're... well that's mostly what they do. So whether designer dog or man's best friend, show this breed the kind of love it deserves with the Shitzu Luv T-Shirt from The Mountain. Along with artist Dean Russo, we are proud to celebrate the outgoing and good-willed nature of these animals with a special collection of dog breed tees especially dedicated to animals and animal adoption. And remember: Thanks to their consistently bright personality, you can grow old with a Shih Tzu but they'll never grow up. What a beautiful thing.


Show your Lab Luv and pick yourself up one of these elegant dog-themed T-Shirts, courtesy of The Mountain and artist Dean Russo. In fact, why not get one for your own Lab? You know he's going to use yours for a blanket anyway.

 Although we here at The Mountain love the colorful and bold designs of our artist Dean Russo, and we think he did a great job transforming the grumpy owl's serious visage on our Russo Owl T-Shirt, there's just no getting beyond this bird of prey's constant watchfulness. So, we say use it. 

In collaboration with The Mountain, artist Dean Russo has created a bright and playful portrait of these furry, feeble friends for our Chihuahua Luv T-Shirt. Don't let this breed's energetic charisma stop you from benefitting from this special collection of dog-themed tees.

A phrase so ingrained in popular culture, with connotations of the merest innocent crush and dopey-eyed teen romance. We here at The Mountain acknowledge those notions and outright reject them. Instead, we choose to present the term for what it is: love of puppies. Because it's a universal feeling. 

The Mountain Classic T-shirt features a relaxed fit, with reinforced double-stitching on all seams. After just one wash you will not know where the print ends and the shirt begins. Our unique printing process actually pulls the dye color out of the shirt and leaves the ink color behind, essentially dyeing the cotton with the ink.